I am currently working on my new album... it is due to be released later this are the first two tracks...

A lot of co-writing in progress with some fantastic people...

makets-02_2 copy

In 2011 I released an album that was nominated the Best Pop Album 2011 at the Latvian Music Awards... that was a nice feeling.


To purchase the album released in 2011 please follow this lin to the iTunes store...

2011 ALBUM

Some of the Syncs

I have been lucky enough be be constantly involved in various projects...

Here are a few of projects where I've synced my music to TV...Hollywood Makeover, Relax California Style, Cooking California Style and Fitness California Style...



Session work...

Session work-Vocals and Guitar


Over the years I have performed live and on TV/Radio with many artists as well as played on many recordings.


I also offer remote recording where I record your music in my own studio and send the files/mixed version back to the client.

Software: Pro Tools 10 Rig, Logic Pro, Reason 7 (all on MAC)

Outboard: Neve 1073 Mono Pre-Amp, Lindel Audio 7x500 FET Compressor, UA 1176 Compressor, API 550A EQ, TL Audio Dual Valve Pre-Amp / Compressor.

AD Conversion - RME Fireface

Hardware FX: Boss GT001, TC Electronics Multi FX rack, Lexicon MX400, a wide range of stomp box FX

Pedals including various types of Boss units, Danelectro, Mesa Boogie, Suhr pedals and many more!

Software FX: A HUGE array of plugins including Lexicon Reverbs/Delays, Guitar Rig, Amplitube, Addictive Drums, GPO, Waves, Native, REV, SSL, APIthe list goes on!

Mics: AKG 414 XL2, Blue Dragonfly, Neuman TLM 103, Shure SM58, SM57 and a range of Audio Technica mics.

Guitars: Gibson SG standard, Gibson SG New Century Special, Ibanez RG Prestige Series (x2), Fender Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul, Danelectro, Ibanez Artwood Acoustic, Martin DX1 Acoustic.

Keys: Yamaha Clavinova (full size/weighted keys), Alesis Micron Analogue Synth, Oxygen 61 USB Controller, AKAI USB Controller.

Amps: Marshall JVM Head and 2x12 Cab , Orange CR120 Head and 4x12 Cab, Line 6 Spider IV 100w combo, Hughes & Kettner Club Reverb Combo.

Monitors: KRK, M-Audio.

and there's more...

Voice overs


I have been actively working with some of the key players in the international children's toys market... recording voices of mum, puppies, teddy bears, recording storybooks and singing lullabies...:) as well as doing voice overs for radios.





I offer a variety of workshops related to music, for more information visit


I am also a Yamaha accredited guitar  tutor at Base Studios, for more info please click here 



Public Speaker and Music Leader


I offer a variety of workshops as a community music leader helping young people to reach their full potential by raising their confidence through music and media training.

I work with Looked after Children, Young Carers, children in challenging circumstances.

The SongLab is a Pop Publishing and Publishing Company. As the Business Developemt Director I work hard to sign many great pop tracks to our library as well as overlook the processes to do with the new partnerships that we create.

We are running SongWriting Camps and developping some exciting young artists.

The SongLab